How long does shipping take?

Our shipping varies depending on processing time and your shipping address. After you place your order, it goes into the processing period, usually taking 1-2 business days (this does not include weekends). Once your order is done processing, then it is ready for shipping. For Standard First Class shipping, it usually takes 5-7 business days (your location plays a significant factor in shipping arrival). For Priority Shipping, it takes about 2-5 business days, again it depends on your location. If you would like more of an estimate from your area, please contact your nearest USPS location for more accurate information.


I never received my package, what happened?

Once an item is shipped, it will automatically send a tracking number with the shipping confirmation email. When you receive a tracking number, this means it is now in the hands of USPS. Although USPS is a very reliable mailing source, they're human, and sometimes mistakes happen, and your product may take longer than expected, once again please understand when this happens, it is out of our control. We would suggest contacting your local USPS, and with your tracking number, they can then let you know precisely where and what is going on with your package. This is very rare, but it can happen, so we want to make sure you understand the proper steps to take action.


What is the refund policy?

Due to COVID-19 we are currently not accepting/ processing returns or exchanges.


What to do if my items are lost or stolen through USPS or UPS?


Nkahoots is NOT responsible for stolen lost goods after leaving our office.
We are unable to provide refunds for lost or stolen USPS items. You must contact USPS and request compensation. 

We are not liable for any issues resulting from your entering an incorrect shipment and billing address. Please verify all details before placing your order with N'Kahoots.


Why did I receive my whipped butter melted?

At N’Kahoots we pride ourselves in keeping our products natural and clear of toxic synthetic chemicals. As a result, our gentle raw products packaged in plastic containers are vulnerable to temperature changes. When shipping during warm periods, products often soften or melt while in transit, due to sitting in warm mail trucks and mailboxes. 


What is N’Kahoots doing to remedy the melting problem?

Unfortunately, melting is an uncontrolled reaction to heat. In an effort to stay ahead of the problem, we have added additional precautionary steps in our packing methods.

We triple check every product before it is prepped and packaged for shipping.

We wrap our raw products in Thermal Poly bags for insulation.

Subsequently, we can get our product to you without melting. Yet, please keep in mind, N’Kahoots cannot ship products and regulate the high summer temperatures, trucks, and/or mailboxes.


How do I restore my whipped butter after melting during transit?

Place the melted whipped butter in the refrigerator. The melting will not affect the quality of the whipped butter as it is a great moisturizer, but the whipped consistency will change. It will become more like a body balm.

Whipping adds tiny air bubbles (just like whipping cream) that increase the size, lightens the density and changes the texture, making the butter light and fluffy. If a whipped product melts, the air bubbles are collapsed, so the volume is decreased. So, although the jar was filled to the top, if the butter melts, there will be less volume in the container. The container may actually look half full. 

We have had customers scoop out the butter and whip it back up with an electric whisk beater. The butter has to be very cold for this to work.

What if I have an allergy or want a softer smell? 

We want to provide the best experience for you, so we strive to use the best all natural ingredients. If there is something you don't like, please feel free to use the comment section when checking out and we will be happy to make the adjustment. To make sure the scent last as long as it can we tend to be on the heavy side when it comes to scents. If you would like a softer scent we can definitely accommodate you, please feel free to use the comment section while checking out.    


What is the refund policy?

Due to COVID-19 we are currently not accepting/ processing returns or exchanges. 


 How do I contact you?

Please visit the contact us page. 

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